Meet the Volunteers

Amanda Koker

Amanda KokerAmanda is an English teacher and musician, currently living in South Korea with her husband. She has experienced working with abused children as a volunteer in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. She hopes that her wounds and past painful experiences can be a healing balm to others in similar situations. Ai??Earnest Hemingway once said: “Write hard and clear about what hurts.” There is a definite healing effect on ones heart once hurt is written down, even if no one reads it other than oneself.

Michelle Burgher

Michelle BurgherMichelle joined Ukukhanya on 11 Feb 2014. Ai??On 12 Feb her baby Danya was born, so she is now Ukukhanya’s youngest volunteer! Ai??Michelle is currently on maternity leave from her position as Operations and Commercial Manager for a company called Every1Mobile. Ai??(Educational life skill mobile apps for young adults.)

Danya Burgher

Baby Danya, Ukukhanya’s youngest volunteer.

At the start of her maternity leave Michelle came across the Ukukhanya website and saw the Facebook feed that was asking for volunteers. Ai??Michelle is helping to answer phones, general office work and greeting our clients and helping them feel welcome.

Bee de Klerk

Bee de KlerkBee joined Ukukhanya in Jan 2014 and is helps us with some general administrative work as well as counselling. Ai??When asked why she decided to volunteer at Ukukhanya Bee stated:

“I want to live out my passion and calling to guide and encourage those in need of help. To facilitate change in peoples lives and to whom they can open up and trust with their deepest feelings. Peoples feelings and them as a person matters to me. I always treat adults/children with kindness, love,compassion and tenderness”.

Anton Botha

Anton BothaAnton is a full-time Theology student at Helderberg College. Ai??While completing his psychology subjects he discovered he had a keen interest in counselling. Ai??In order to gain some more knowledge and experience Anton began volunteering at Ukukhanya.

Anton intends to become a volunteer councillor at Ukukhanya when his degree is completed. Ai??This will be in addition to his future work as a pastoral councillor.

As a full time student Anton cannot be at Ukukhanya on a regular basis, but he makes an effort to be there during his holidays, volunteering his time for various one-off projects and general office work.

Cindey Botha

Cindy BothaA stay-at-home Mom based in Abu Dhabi Cindey (no relation to Anton) generously came and reorganised the filing system at Ukukhanya when on an extended visit to South Africa. Ai??The Ukukhanya filing has never been so neat and well organised!

When she is here on holiday you will often find her assisting with the Wednesday clothing sales. Ai??She also bakes delicious cupcakes and cookies for Ukukhanya to sell.

Loren Rutherford

LorenLoren is currently a full time student of Sociology and Development through Massey University, New Zealand.

Loren is using her summer holiday to work on Ukukhanya’s website. Ai??She also works with the Facebook page Google+ and a bit of other Social Media, including the Ukukhanya blog.

Before becoming a full time student Loren worked in Sales & Marketing for a tourism company both locally and internationally.

Ncebakazi Cordelia Mlandu

Ncebakazi Cordelia Mlandu

Ncebakazi, or Cordelia, is our most recent addition at Ukukhanya. Ai??Ncebakazi is about to begin her third year atAi??Helderberg College – where she is working towards her BA in Councelleing Psychology. Ai??As part of the prescribed course work 120h of observational and practical experience (the practicum) is required. Ai??Ncebakazi will be completing her practicum at Ukukhanya.

Ncebakazi is fromAi??Kayalitscha and is fluent in both Xhosa and English, a great advantage to us at Ukukhanya and we are very grateful to have her as part of the team.

Once her studies are complete Ncebakazi intends to focusAi??on children with disabilities and combine a private practice with charity work.

Netti Craythorne

Netti is new at Ukukhanya and started volunteering in Nov 2013 after Hilda placed a request for more assistance on Facebook. Ai??NettiAi??chose to volunteer because she appreciates that Ukukhanya reaches out to people in need, offering services they desperatelyAi??require,Ai??but cannot afford, free of charge.

In addition to her work at Ukukhanya Netti is also a Safe Care Mom. In her own words: “this means I work as a volunteer temporary mom for new-born babies given up for adoption until they can be placed with their forever families. I started doing this almost 2yrs ago and currently have my 7th baby”.

Netti’s main area of expertise is in the design and implementation of HIV/AIDS and lay-counsellor training and course development. Ai??Netti will be using this experience at Ukukhanya both to continue the in-house training of our own councillors in HIV/AIDS related matters and in providing training to other professionals in our area. Ai??Netti has also hadAi??training in counselling on issues such as Domestic Violence, Trauma Debriefing, Substance Abuse, Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, etc.





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