Counselling at Ukukhanya

Meet the Counselling Team at Ukukhanya

Perhaps the most important members of the team, the volunteer counsellors at Ukukhanya give their time to assist those in need. Ai??People from all walks of life have been helped buy these generous souls.

Hilda Lourens

Many people know Hilda as the force behind Ukukhanya. Ai??In addition to running the place she also provides some counselling in between meetings and masses of paperwork. Ai??Hilda has become very well known in the Helderberg area and often appears in local newspaper articles.

Gerda van Onslen

Gerda is a social worker who has been in private practice for some years. Ai??Now semi-retired Gerda specialises in initial assessments of cases and makes referrals for counselling and/or therapy.

Lisa Beyer

Lisa Beyer

Lisa Beyer

Lisa is a single mother of 4 and has worked with children for over 18-years. Ai??Lisa owns her own after-care facility for children but makes time to volunteer at Ukukhanya on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

In 2013 Lisa completed aAi??play therapy course focussing on Gestalt play therapy and works with ADD, ADHD and Autistic children. Ai??Ai?? Perhaps most importantly

Lisa is also one of our main fundraisers, helping to keep Ukukhanya’s finances alive.

Tania Vergnani

A semi-retired clinical psychologist Tania volunteers her time at Ukukhanya as and when we require her services.

Mariette Cawood

MarietteThe chairwoman of the Ukukhanya’s board of directors and the General Manager of Youth Outreach. Ai??Mariette is also a qualified Social Worker and assists Ukukhanya when we require one as well as assisting with supervising.

Melissa Jade Sparrow

Melissa Sparrow, Counceller

Melissa Sparrow, Counceller

Volunteer duties include counselling for the children as well as administrative odds and ends.

I volunteer at Ukukhanya because I love working with children, especially those who are at risk or have experienced trauma. I believe firmly in committing our lives to improving that of the world around us, as the most authentic life is one packed with improving our environment for the better.

I am planning to continue my studies next year in the field of psychology, as well as working as a sport’s camp facilitator at SUSPI.

I have my Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and will be pursuing Honours in 2014.

Cheryl Webb

Cheryl WebbCheryl is a qualified councillor at Ukukhanya who specialises in working with young/youth offenders. Ai??Cheryl also wrote and conducts parenting workshops at Ukukhanya and is in the process of writing a workshop for the parents young offenders.

Cheryl devotes her Wednesday’s to Ukukhanya when she is not working at the Family Law Clinic in Somerset West.

Ellen Cloete

A full-time sister at the Stellenbosch Hospice, Ellen is also a trained councillor who donates time to Ukukhanya on the days we need here.

Shaun Phillips

Shaun PhillipsOur latest addition to the counselling team at Ukukhanya is Shaun Phillips. Ai??Shaun is a studying Social Work and is doing his practical hours at Ukukhanya. Ai??Shaun joined us in Jan 2014.

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