Board of Directors

Ukukhanya has a Board of Directors made up of the 7 people below.

Mariette Cawood

The chairwoman of the Ukukhanya’s board of directors and the General Manager of Youth Outreach. Mariette is also a qualified Social Worker and assists Ukukhanya when we require one as well as assisting with supervising.

Tanya Janice Mohr

Tanya will become more involved with the Ukukhanya’s education program in 2014. Previously working full time at Capitech in HR, Tanya has served as the Assistant Chairperson on the Ukukhanya board. We look forward to her increased involvement in 2014.

Shirene Montgomery

Shirene is the Board Member who is in charge of Ukukhanya’s Accounting.

Hilda Lourens

Many people know Hilda as the force behind Ukukhanya. In addition to running the place she also provides some counselling in between meetings and masses of paperwork. Hilda has become very well known in the Helderberg area and often appears in local newspaper articles.

Robert Gallant

Robert serves on the Ukukhanya Board of Directors and is specifically involved with our office maintenance as well as the all important fundraising.

Faith Kwarly

Another member of our Board of Directors, Faith is mainly involved with the fundraising for Ukukhanya.

Gareth Murray

Gareth is one of our key sponsors and also sits on the board.

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