How to make a Donation?

A sa registered NPO (Non-profit organisation) Ukukhanya is always looking for sponsors, donations and volunteers. We will also have our tax certificate shortly that means any financial donation you make to Ukukhanya will be SARS approved tax-deductible which is always a good thing!

Any financial contribution can be made to:
Account Holder: Ukukhanya
Account Number: 62325848052
Branch Code: 200512
Account Type: FNB Cheque account

If you are donating for a specific cause or reason please ensure that you email us the proof of payment so we can identify the payment and issue your tax receipt.

If you are a councillor or social worker and would like to donate some time to helping people in our community we would be extremely happy to welcome you on board. All skills are needed. Even if all you can do is bake us some cookies to sell at one of our bake sales we would appreciate that enormously.  Any clothes, household goods, kitchen equipment or anything else that needs a new home can be donated to us.

If you would like to make a financial donation, we appreciate that the most as we can then purchase the things we need to keep things running.

This year our goal is to secure some large financial donations that would allow us to employ a full time professional councellor at Ukukhanya. At present our money is very sporadic, so a large once-off donation would allow us to offer a 1-year contract position to someone who would then be with us all the time. This would make the world of difference.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who donate regularly of your time, money and in-kind. We appreciate all the help that our community provides.


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