Hilda and Gerda

Back to School and back to reality

Today is the day that most of us are rudely woken up from our holiday slumber to discover that there is a lot to get done before school starts again on Wednesday. Its time to reorganise and kick ourselves in to gear for the new year ahead. Its no different for the team at Ukukhanya. Ai??Not only are we still dealing with the aftermath of the flooding last year, but we are also looking forward and planning 2014.

At Ukukhanya we are starting this year with a big clean up. Ai??Since our landlord didn’t arrange to get rid of the rotting carpets in our offices we arranged this ourselves and now have a not so attractive floor… Ai??But, while it might not look tidy, it is at least dry and not rotting! Ai??In last week of January the insurance company tells us they will be in to rip out and replace all the dry walls in the office (they got wet and mouldy) as well as install new carpeting. Ai??All in all the floods have been a bit of a blessing. Ai??By February our offices should be looking fantastic with new walls, new carpets and new furniture.

As with any big clean up there are things that are no longer needed. Ai??When we have our first donated clothing sale in February we will have a pile of things that will be giving away for free. Ai??So tell everyone who might benefit. Ai??Yourself, your friends, neighbours, your employeesai??i?? Ai??Get the word out there as we want to start 2014 in the most successful way possible.

We would really like to improve our used clothing sales. Ai??With this in mind we want to know if anyone out there has a contact in the retail industry who might be able to donate a clothing rack for us to display our sale items on? Ai??At the moment we have to put the clothing in piles which makes it difficult to keep neat and for customers to browse through.

We have some lovely new volunteers at Ukukhanya. Ai??Thank you to this who have committed to giving some time to us.

We are also busy with the new clients for 2014. Ai??We see both abuse victims and the family members who have also been affected. Ai??We work with Protection Orders (help with the paperwork and keep safe copies of records) and we also work with Form 22 applications which are vital to child custody and government grant applications.

If you, or someone you know, would like to make an appointment to see us you can contact us on 021 850 0061 or ukukhanya.reception@gmail.com