One of the key services that Ukukhanya provides to the Helderberg community is that of counselling. Ai??All our counselling is free of charge, but as a non-profit organisation we request that people pay what they can afford in order to assist us to continue to offer this service. Ai??It can be as little as R20 per season, but every little bit helps.

We offer counselling to people who have been referred via the Magistrates court for whatever reason. Ai??We offer counselling to families and victims of abuse (and there are many different kinds of abuse). Ai??Ukukhanya offers specialised play-therapy counselling to young children and has recently begun to offer counselling to young-offeders and their families.

If you, or someone you know, might benefit from our free counselling service please contact us to make an appointment on 021-850-0061 or

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