Ukukhanya is a non profit organisation established to give a free service to victims of abuse. Ukukanya caters to all kinds of abuse including domestic violence, bullying and xenophobia. Victims include men, women and children from all spheres of the community in the Helderberg.

At Ukukhanya we offer a friendly, safe environment in which victims of abuse are encouraged and provided with education to improve their lives. Lifestyle Enhancers and Social Workers assist people to recognise and overcome abuse by offering them prevention, early intervention, support, and conciliation services.

We do our best to help everyone who comes to Ukukukhanya. We help people find courage to overcome abuse, and the necessary support is provided to re-establish harmonious relationships in the home and in the community. Victims of abuse are assisted, educated and directed to regain their self-esteem and to fulfill their rightful place in our democratic society.

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